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Meet the team.

Gabe &Joanna Boe

Youth Pastor
Gabe has been  excelling as the youth pastor at lakes for over 8 years now. He has a focus on instilling value into students by sharing the truth and love of the gospel.

Joanna is a crucial part of a Wednesday night. Without her there something always goes wrong. She is a godly woman whose focus is sharing the love of Christ in an orderly way.

Glenn Wick

Volunteer Youth Leader
Glenn is a wise and caring man, always taking the extra time for any student that needs it. If you don't know Glenn, you want to. 

Hannah Sipes

Volunteer Youth Leader
Hannah (in center of photo) is a woman whose focus is sharing what God is teaching her with the people around her. 

Chase & Katlynn Bolster

Volunteer Youth Leaders
Chase has been an associate pastor for almost a year at Lakes but he has been volunteering with the youth group for many years. His focus is sharing the truth of God in love.

Katlynn is an exceptional woman who desires to point students to Christ by living how Christ taught us to live. 
Contact Pastor Gabe Boe
Phone: (208)-659-8252
Email: standout513@gmail.com 

20Twenty1 Nights

Starting February 8th we will be heading into 21 nights of prayer and seeking the Lord together with other area churches. It well be February 8-10: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights from 6:30-9PM.  We are going together as the SOY group. You do need to sign up with Gabe Boe. We have 30 spots and they are first come first served. 

 Growing together

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

This youth group might be a little different than what you're used to. Pastor Gabe Boe and his wife Joanna have created an amazing atmosphere of meaningful fellowship here at Stand Out Youth.

 The mission of this group is to show students their inherent value. This value is shown by meaningful interactions, it is received by having real relationships with others within the group. This means that they usually ask the students to put their phones in a basket before they begin their night together. It also means that they only play games at the end of the night when time allows for it. This group is unashamed about their love for Jesus and their unwavering commitment to put God first in everything they do.  If you're ready to encounter God in a real way with real people then come join our Stand Out Youth group at 6 pm every Wednesday night.

Wednesday Nights


Join us on at the Church on Wednesday nights! You can also join us in Zoom on Wednesday nights! If you have any questions contact Gabe Boe. 

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